Douglas County Republicans Next Meeting: August 3rd, 2020 @7pm

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Next Meeting:  August 3rd, 2020 (Monday)

Start Time:  7:00pm (On Zoom Video Conference)


Candidate Marty McClendon (for Lt. Governor)

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Bio: Marty McClendon is a well known Real Estate Broker, Conservative Radio show host, former pastor, Pierce County Republican Party Chairman, and 2016 Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor. Marty is an unabashed conservative, outspoken Christian, and he will fight to defend your God-given rights which are constitutionally protected. Bringing over thirty-five years of leadership experience, decades of volunteering, a unique perspective having lived on both sides of the state, and additional experience in media, healthcare, politics, business, land use, and collaborative problem-solving.

Candidate Sue Kuehl Pederson (for Commissioner of Public Lands)

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Bio:  Sue Kuehl Pederson is running to restore leadership to Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the agency responsible for managing about 3 million acres of public land, as well as 2.6 million acres of aquatic areas. Sue’s distinguished career in natural resources management makes her well equipped to guide Washington toward an approach focused on abundance rather than limitations to the uses and stewardship of our forests, aquatic and agricultural Public Lands. Sue will encourage smart logging to decrease disease and runaway fires in our forests.

County Updates:

Marc Straub - County Commissioner

Derek Flint - U.S. Congressman Newhouse Update

Primary Season

It is that time of year and what a year it has been.  We will be doing a bunch of primary Townhalls on Zoom in the month of July/August.  We are reaching out to as many republican candidates we can find so they can tell you why they are running and give you a chance to ask questions. Each speaker will be doing a discussion, after they have concluded, we will have a moderated Q&A session.  Please be respectful and courtesty to our speaker's time.


Meeting Information:

Date:  1st Monday of the Month

Time:  7pm (approx. 1hr.)

Location:  Zoom Video Conference (Until temporary regulation relent) 

Zoom Invite:  Email dcrccemail [at] gmail [dot] com for invite instructions

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