Douglas County Republicans Next Meeting: September 7th, 2020 @7pm

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Next Meeting:  September 7th, 2020 (Monday)

Start Time:  7:00pm (On Zoom Video Conference)


Summer Break


We have a very exciting general election set for Washington State.  Now is the time to turn it on and sprint to the finish.   We are now gearing up for serious call-banking to get our the vote and also help the major counties push our state-wide candidates.  Please consider volunteering, we just need a little effort from a bunch of people to get a lot of work accomplished, it is that simple.

Meeting Information:

Date:  1st Monday of the Month

Time:  7pm (approx. 1hr.)

Location:  Zoom Video Conference (Until temporary regulation relent) 

Zoom Invite:  Email dcrccemail [at] gmail [dot] com for invite instructions

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