Douglas County Sheriff Kevin Morris releases statement on I-1639

Written by Douglas County Republicans on . Posted in News

The statement reads as followed:

"In response to the numerous requests for comment by the media and citizens of Douglas County see the following; I understand the multitude of concerns, questions, and uncertainties raised by the recently passed initiative, I-1639, which alters the existing gun laws throughout Washington State. As the Sheriff of Douglas County, my highest priority is protecting our community and safeguarding the rights of all residents I was elected to represent. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has a proud tradition of common sense policing, a perspective we will continue to apply in our operations as it relates to I-1639.

As Sheriff, I believe strongly in the rules, laws, and constitutions of our State and Nation. These rights form the bedrock of our great Country. Initiative 1639 is currently being challenged through the formal legal process. While the Courts work to determine the legality of the law, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will continue their work as they always have. We believe in creating enforcement priorities to ensure that we address the most serious problems affecting our residents. We are committed to addressing the opioid epidemic, mental health concerns, and violent crimes, all of which are serious concerns for our strong community.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Douglas County voters elected me to this distinguished post, placing in me their confidences and support. It is now that I ask you to continue to trust me and the distinguished deputies of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to work tirelessly in protecting your safety and rights. Our first priority is now, and will continue to be, protecting the citizens of Douglas County.


Sheriff Kevin Morris"